Caroline House Nashville Historic Inn


906 Bradford Ave
Nashville TN 37204

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How close are you to all the popular sites in town?

We are located within 12South Neighborhood & District, walkable to a plethora of restaurants, coffee shops, and boutique shopping. Most anything else a guest will want to see in town is within a 2-3 mile radius of our Inn. We suggest that folks not use a car during your stay and instead use Uber & Lyft to get around.

How do I book a reservation for the Run of the House?

We will most likely be able to accommodate your requested dates when you reserve more than 90 days in advance of your requested arrival. The farther in advance, the better. You can check availability for this reservation on our booking engine right here on our website. Please email us with questions at or text the reservation desk at (615) 879-9551.

What time is Check-in and Check-out?

Check-In is after 3 pm, Check-Out by 10 am and note we are Central Time Zone. When an early check-in is possible it will always be made available, but we cannot determine that before the day of arrival. We can arrange for holding luggage to accommodate your travel itinerary, just text our front desk 615-879- 9551 and we will make sure to take care of you.

What is the parking situation at your Inn?

You will not need a car if you plan to stay within the city, as we recommend use of Uber or Lyft throughout your stay. If you do have a car and plan to park it and forget about it until checkout, we offer parking in our secured gated drive. As an alternative for those guests who plan to come and go in their car, complimentary public street parking is readily available directly in front of our property.

What is the deal with breakfast?

We are the New Era B&B and support local! For single suite reservations, breakfast is included in your room rate, featuring a “Local Neighborhood Breakfast Tour”, at an alternating list of restaurants within a 1-6 block walk from our property. You will be provided with a breakfast card which identifies you as a guest of the Caroline House. At your leisure after enjoying your coffee, hot tea, and juice at the Inn, you will take that card with you to breakfast. The spirit of this tour is to have it YOUR WAY, whichever site you choose and at the time you choose. Also note that our breakfast partners are skilled at accommodating a plethora of dietary restrictions; our guests are in good hands!

For Run of the House reservations (reserving the entire Inn), the daily rate for this booking does not include breakfast, which is by-design based on past feedback from groups who have booked with us. Instead of being locked-in to a pre-determined pre-paid breakfast arrangement, most groups want to make their own plans for preparing breakfast a day or two at the Inn, while also walking in the neighborhood a day or two. And we of course recommend all our breakfast partners as options in the neighborhood.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We understand sometimes things just happen. In turn, we ask for understanding that we are a small Inn and must have legit policies in order to run a legit business. 🙂  If you are concerned about the possibility of a cancellation for any reason, including Covid-related reasons, we request that you invest in a vacation insurance policy.

Single Suite Bookings: if you must cancel, you will receive a full refund up to 30 days before check-in, and then up to 14 days prior to check-in 50% refund. After 14 days prior to check-in and for early departures, the reservation is non-refundable.

Run of the House Bookings (reserving the entire Inn): if you must cancel, you will receive a full refund up to 60 days before check-in, and then up to 30 days prior to check-in a 50% refund. After 30 days prior to check-in or for an early departures, the reservation is non-refundable.

A 3% fee as charged by the credit card processor will apply to any refund.

Are there any “hard rules” at your property?

It’s a short list. No smoking. No visiting pets. No bachelor or bachelorette groups or wild partying. No Tarzan voices on the patios late at night. No outside visitors who are not registered overnight guests, unless cleared with the owner in advance. Obvious stuff. That’s about it!

I need to check-in super late, is this OK?

No worries. Just text our Front Desk 615-879-9551 to arrange it, and we will figure it out!

Are kiddos allowed at your Inn?

Due to the nature of our property as a peaceful, high-end retreat, combined with the fact it is not child- proofed, we required that overnight guests be age 16 and up. We have occasionally made exceptions to this for a single child/minor when discussed at the time of booking. Further, we require that the child/minor be accompanied by an adult at the property at all times during your stay.

Anything else I need to know?

Under no circumstances whatsoever, should you ever think about showing up with anything other than a smile on your face, ready to laugh, relax, have some knee-slappin' fun, sleep like a rock, and have the time of your life in Nashville!

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Booking Tips

How far in advance may I book a reservation for a single suite?

Weekend dates that include a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night stay are made available for booking directly on our website up to 90 days prior to arrival. Weekends more than 90 days out are reserved for those seeking a Run of the House reservation of the entire property.

Weekday reservations (Sunday night – Wednesday night) may be made 6-8 months in advance, and directly on our website.

Do you offer military discounts or other discounts for working in public service?

First of all, THANK YOU for your service, we are grateful! Since our rates are already priced 30-40% less than hotels with comparable features and amenities, we do not offer any further discounting. With that, based on feedback from past guests, we expect that you will deem your experience with us to be a good overall value due to the all-inclusive amenities we provide. We are industry-rated as a 4-star Boutique property.

What tips do you have for getting the best rates and best availability?

  • Book directly on this website for best rates!
  • Check-in Sunday and stay for 3-4 nights, checking out by Thursday.
  • Consider booking a stay during low season: January or February.
  • For best availability of single suites during high season on a weekend, check your dates on our website 60-90 days prior to arrival.

What is the minimum stay at your Inn?

Minimum stays will vary, but generally speaking:

  • High Season: Mid-March thru January 1 – Sun-Wed 2-nights, Weekends 3-nights
  • Highest Season: Mid-September thru mid November – Sun-Wed 3-nights, Weekends 4-nights
  • Special Events & Holidays – 3-4-nights
  • January and February – Sun-Wed 1-2 nights, Weekends 2-3 nights
  • Last Minute bookings – Two weeks prior to check-in date, any remaining available dates are released for 1-night bookings during the week and 2-nights on weekends.