We do breakfast differently…

Most guests deliberately book our Inn because of its location in 12South, an urban neighborhood walkable to nearby locally-owned restaurants, craft cocktails, brew houses, coffee shops, and boutique shopping. Breakfast is no different! We are spoiled rotten to have amazing restaurants within blocks of the Caroline House Nashville, with menu items crafted by our community's highly skilled local chefs. We want our guests to experience this like a local and have the opportunity to explore our amazing neighborhood!

After sleeping in, at your leisure you will find a coffee & hot tea station waiting for you in the kitchen, with coffee from fresh-ground beans, which were fresh-roasted a few blocks away from our Inn. If you need a little morning snack those will be available as well, then when you’re ready, within a short walk just a few blocks away, you will use a breakfast card to order breakfast. A different site each day. Our breakfast partners serve it practically all morning and into the lunch hour, so it’s on your time! And it’s an opportunity to explore the neighborhood! When you’re done, enjoy some boutique shopping and sightseeing in the area, or grab a bike at the rental rack and ride downtown. The adventure is yours!

The Caroline House Nashville's mission is to support local small business and charitable causes. We appreciate our guests participating in this mission and look forward to hearing your feedback about your “Local Chefs Breakfast Tour” experience exploring the neighborhood!


BOX - Bongo + Bakery On 10th

A locally owned business, BOX is the newest member of the Bongo family of brands in Nashville. Bongo Java is Nashville’s oldest and most celebrated coffeehouse since 1993, and they mirror the values of the Caroline House Nashville as they are committed to buying organic and from small-scale farmers. Enjoy this amazing culinary experience one block away from the Caroline House Nashville.

Eighth and Roast

Eighth and Roast is located at historic Douglas Corner, so in keeping with the Caroline House Nashville's advocacy for historic preservation, this makes this vintage-styled coffee house an ideal breakfast partner. The reclaimed wood tables in this roasting house each have their own story. Known for amazing breakfast burritos, house-made granola, and fresh baked goodies. Enjoy!

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey has been a long-time consistent staple in the 12 South community since 2004, featuring creative folks using local ingredients to prepare original dishes served in a cozy and approachable atmosphere. Caroline House Nashville also believes in buying local and supporting neighborhood businesses, so we are pleased to partner with Frothy Monkey.